We believe gender inequality and exclusivity limit pathways to peace and hinders human and economic development. So we work for the equal participation of women in decision making at all levels of civil society and governance and support UN resolutions 1325 and 2122 involving women in peace and security. We believe in the power of imagination, communication, education and partnership to help rebuild trust and generate cultural change.  Join us!
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Al Arabyia
Why the hottest topic trending is the suggestion from some that Sharia law should be abandonned.
Nick Bryant BBC
When Ban Ki-moon ends his term in 2016, will UN come under moral pressure to appoint a woman?
First feminist comic-strip magazine aims to break silence about taboo topics in society,
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Elimination of Violence...
Monday 24 November - Wednesday 10 December, United Nations, 1 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017
World Population Day
Sunday 12 July, United Nations Observance Day, United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017
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Launch of
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United Nations in New York.

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To the Poppy in us all......
A Poppy or a Rose? Our greatest strength or our greatest weakness? More ...
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