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UN: Britain's sexism more 'pervasive' than other counties   
'Boys Club' culture widespread in UK. (Author: Radhika Sanghani)

Physical education for Saudi girls stirs debate 
Mixture of women's rights and obesity time bomb of diabetes behind new ruling. (Author: Al Arabyia)

Egyptian police 'using Male rape as a weapon' against dissident groups
Sexual assault and torture routein as judges renew detentions en masse. (Author: Patrick Kingsley)

Iraq ready to legalise childhood marriage
New marital rules introduces new religious restrictions on women's rights and legalises marriage for under 9 year-old's (Author: Damien McElroy)

Argentina sentences 10 in marita veron sex trafficking case
Prison for kidnap and sexual exploitation of a young woman never found. (Author: BBC)

UK becoming 'more local and global' 
Who do you think you are? New survey exploring identity has surprising results. (Author: Mark Easton - BBC)

Afghanistan elections: Youth voters 'vital'  
"Our minds are old", says former Afghan Communist army officer. "We need young minds and new ways forward'. (Author: John Wendle - Al Jazeera)

Living with post-traumatic stress disorder
No one trains couples to deal with the 'Invistible wounds of war' before they fight. Couple tell their stories. (Author: Daily Telegraph)

A serious affair: why women are not allowed to serve lunch at nuclear secrity summit
Blondes deemed too 'distracting' to serve lunch to world leaders. (Author: Elisa Criado)

from secret school to afghanistan's future
College created by 24 year-old provides crash course in civic leadership and skype lessons with world experts. (Author: Sean Coughlan)

Entrepreneur To Give Away Company  
Head of communications agency with a consciouness designs new exit strategy for business leaders. (Author: Simon Cohen, Global Tolerance)

Dr Congo Recruits Robot traffic cops
Woman engineer fights corruption with technology and designs new 'robo cop'. (Author: Al Jazeera)

Planned US show ‘Alice in Arabia’ faces Twitter backlash  
New TV show pits Americans against Arabians as tweeters point out there is no such place as “Arabia”. (Author: Al Arabyia staff writer)

A fashion model leading the ‘gift economy’. Impossible?  
Lilley Cole talks about a new social network based on a culture of giving and receiving freely. (Author: Jini Reddy - Positive News)

High-powered call for women’s full participation in shaping global future
Progress of women in the world is the big unfinished business of the 21st century. (Author: UN Women)

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary 
No access to sanitary protection means nearly 25% of all girls in India drop out of school. Now 'Menstruation Man' comes to the rescue! (Author: BBC)

‘Honour killings’ doubled in 2013, says Palestinian official 
Male Palestinian politicians accused of ignoring women's issues to focus on creating Palestinian State but what of the state of their people? (Author: Assoicated Press)

Syria crisis: Tide of desperation in Yarmouk camp 
No words needed for haunting silence of queque for in aid in Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus. (Author: BBC)

Iranian teacher builds robot to teach prayer 
Home built robot called 'Veldan' meaning 'Youth of Heaven', latest tool for teaching. (Author: Associated Press)

Tunisia’s mufti supports possible face-veil ban
Face-veil provides wanted persons 'security blanket' of disguise. (Author: Al Arabiya News)

Viewpoint: Welcome to the role model club
Qualities for being a role model need to be be redefined. (Author: BBC)

Iraqi Security Forces Abuse Women Prisoners
"We expect that they've been raped by police on the way to the prison." says employee at womens' jail. (Author: BBC)

Children denied an identity under China's one-child policy
China's children denied identity for being born outside 'one child' law denies human rights and their right to 'exist.' (Author: BBC)

A gun designed for Indian women
More guns for women? India, second only to US in gun ownership at 40 million but only 6.3 million legally registered. (Author: Geeta Pandey)

Libya’s female PM candidate says country needs a ‘woman’s touch’
“Since 7th century Queen Dihya, men have not allowed women to effectively participate in Libya’s governance." (Author: Al Arabyia)

The Pakistani servant girl tortured to death
Pakistan labour laws ignore child abuse though 50% of population are under age of 18. (Author: BBC)

US Senate confirms Yellen as Fed chair
First lady of Federal Reserve described as "fierce champion" for American people. (Author: Al Jazeera)

11 year-old saudi girl launches youtube English language series
Free lessons for men, women and children in Arabic, mathematics, drawing, photography and self-development. (Author: Al Arabyia)

Somali Pop Idol offers escape 
Somali talent show trying to revive country's musical tradition targetted by religious extremists. (Author: BBC)

Two tales of brutality to women in Afghanistan
Justice for one woman rescued by police but still too many other perpetraters escape justice altogether. (Author: BBC)

Yemen's women struggle to reap benefits of Arab Spring
Lack of education for women highlights lack of education of their men. (Author: BBC)

Palestinians create art from Israeli weaponry
Creating art out of adversity and turning cruelty into creativity. (Author: Al Arabyia)

Great Expectations for Chile's new president
Michelle Bachelet, former head of UN Women, leads Chile for Second time to tackle big challenges ahead. (Author: By Gideon Long)

German Parliament confirms Angela Merkle for third term
Eurozone Decision-making dominated by Germany once again and a woman once again. (Author: BBC)

Egypt's new hijab-clad superheroine started as joke
Qahera character shattering stereotype that women who wear hijabs cannot be strong. (Author: Dina Demrdash)

Congo’s Forgotten Curse: Epidemic of Female-on-Female Rape
“Male rape is everywhere, but when it’s women, it’s incomprehensible. It’s like a curse.” (Author: )

Outraged Modesty: India Stuck in the Past on sex crimes
Two finger test to confirm if rape victim habitually has sex should be outlawed. (Author: Joanna Jolly)

Yemeni capital opens first women-only internet café
Internet Cafe fulfills need to keep women safe from harassment but reinforces segregation system. (Author: Reuters Sanaa)

Amazon testing drones for delivery
Could Amazon drone delivery create security risk in our skies and who will police it? (Author: )

U.N. women’s rights resolution backlash
Landmark UN resolution makes it unacceptable to criminalize, stigmatize or curtail women's human rights defenders. (Author: Al Arabyia)

Afghanistan plans stoning adulterers to death  
Calls for Karzai to reject Taliban influenced draft bill on stoning after $16 billion promise of aid tied to progressing human rights. (Author: Al Jazeera)

Water Security and Peace
Meeting on world water crisis in Hague as new transnational agreements needed and 'Water Diplomacy' becomes a reality to pre-empt potential of 'water wars' (Author: Al Jazeera)

Chile's election: A tale of two daughters
Making history: Two women one seat. Presidential candidates Evelyn Matthei and Michelle Bachelet battle for top job. (Author: By Gideon Long)

Race between education and ignorance
Education a security issues says UN - High youth unemployment, lack of education and threat of extremism turning access to school into a "security issue". (Author: )

Arab Spring nations backtrack on women’s rights
Role of women in Arab Spring unrewarded in fight for rights through entrenched patriarchal structures and Islamist rise. (Author: )

Egypt 'worst for women' out of 22 countries in Arab world
Sexual harassment, female genital mutilation and growth in conservative Islamist groups make Egypt unsafe for women. (Author: )

Iranian supreme leader’s $95 billion business empire
Ayatollah Khamenei financial empire rivals previous holdings of the shah, the Western-backed monarch overthrown in 1979. (Author: )

UN Women ad series reveals widespread sexism
Google searches used to reveal widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination against women. (Author: UN Women)

Marvel Comics debuts female Muslim superhero
More than just a young girl's journey exploring who she is and how to use her gifts. (Author: Al Jazeera)

Women's leadership and participation
Women remain underrepresented despite their proven abilities as leaders and agents of change, and their right to participate equally in democratic governance. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Yemen child marriage: minister calls for ban after death of eight-year-old girl
Eight year-old 'bride' married to 40 year-old dies of internal injures on wedding night. (Author: )

A call for action against sexual violence in Syria
Syrian War Crimes mounting: Rape being used as weapon of war against men, women and children in Syria - put an end to rape with impunity (Author: )

Afghan female police officers face uphill battle
The country's 1600 policewomen fear they will be disbanded once the West withdraw. (Author: Karen Allen)

Swedish women don headscarves after assault on Woman
Pregnant Muslim woman, targeted in Fascist attack gets support from fellow Swedish women. (Author: )

UNICEF initiative on ‘invisible’ violence against children
Violence against children is not always obvious and can take many forms but scars for life. (Author: )

Yemeni girl’s video plea against child marriage goes viral
Eleven year-old girl running from forced marriage would choose death over life as a child wife, citing aunt forced to marry at 14, beaten with chains by her husband. (Author: )

Clooney uses Nespresso ad money ‘to keep an eye’ on Sudan president
Coffee, Clooney and Cameras! Celebrity uses funds to aid transparency and Justice. (Author: )

Suicide over pressure to wear Hijab
Egyptian School girl chooses death rather than violence. (Author: Al Arabyia)

Egypt to present contentious NGO law to senate
Egypt's president submits new law to control NGO's and civil society groups (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Women Deliver Conference
Largest 3-day global conference on women's issues in Kuala Lumpur (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

No place for a lady
Despite leading her Party and the country as Prime Minster, Margaret Thatcher could not have been a member of her own Conservative because she was a woman (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Post conflict women: Iraq – Hope and violence Shatha Al-Abosi - Photo by Caroline Jaine
Tackling violence against women in Iraq (Author: Caroline Jaine)

Commission on Status of Women - Conclusions
This year's 57th CSW - outcomes and thoughts (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Women peace Keepers
Women Peace Keepers have an approach that is sensitive and effective. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Ingrid Stellmacher Meets First lady of El Salvador at united Nations
City of Women initiative, empowering women (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Making cities safer for women.
New global initiative making cities safer for women. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

UN Launches Initiative to highlight commitments to end violence against women
Violence against women and girls, is a silent, degrading tool of war, used against women in the most horrific ways. We must work with policy makers and civil society to create cultural change and enforceable laws. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Women of Mali call for increased protection + involvement in resolving the conflict
Women want to be included in conflict resolution and peace building in Mali (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Women Imams And Women Only Mosques Flourish in China
China allows rise of women Imams and women only mosques (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Are Women Leaders Less Corrupt Than Men?
In autocratic regimes, women are more likely to have gained power through male patronage. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Aidex 2012
AidEx takes place on 24-25 October 2012 in Brussels, and is the only event of its kind in Europe for (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

No Woman’s Land - On the Frontlines with Female Reporters
INSI launches new book on safety for women journalists (Author: Anna Averkiou)

United Nations 56th annual Consultation on the status of women in New York
Ingrid Stellmacher attends the UN CSW56 in New York. (Author: Ingrid Stellmacher)

Web Relaunch
Le Menach Foundation launches new website to support of expansion of programmes. (Author: )

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