No Woman’s Land - On the Frontlines with Female Reporters

Book Cover-2The International News Safety Institute has published the first book dedicated to the safety of women journalists.

No Woman’s Land - On the Frontlines with Female Reporters” is a unique collection of articles written by 40 women from around the world, who work in the news media. They have covered conflict, disasters, corruption and civil unrest and come from more than a dozen countries as far afield as Mexico and Burma, Russia and Somalia, Indonesia and Egypt.
The idea for the book arose from the attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan during her reporting from Tahrir Square in Egypt last year. She has written the foreword for “No Woman’s Land”.

The bok's launch coincided with International Women’s Day and took place at the Thomson Reuters building in Canary Wharf, London.

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Anna Averkiou, 09/03/2012