algeria appoints three new female army generals bringing total to four


Fatima Arjoun appointed in 2010
Photo: Al Arabyia

Algeria has appointed three  new women army Generals, therefore becoming the Arab country with the biggest number of high-ranking female army commanders, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Tuesday.

The nomination of the three generals, whose names were not revealed, come as part of a move seen as a sign of the liberalization of Algeria’s closed military organization.

A fourth general was appointed by the Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika in Nov. 2010 as the first general of the Armée Nationale Populaire (ANP) or People’s National Army.

Since 2005, Bouteflika has been under pressure to enact more changes in favor of women’s rights.

Despite women’s increasing roles in the Algerian professional world, under the Family Code they remain legally vulnerable.


Staff Writer Al Arabyia, 10/07/2014