Muslim teen wants to be first professional hijabi ballerina


Al Arabyia

Young Australian Muslim teen Stephanie Kurlow hopes to break the stereotype and become the first hijabi – Islamic veiled woman – ballerina.
Kurlow, 14, converted to Islam along with her siblings, Australian father and Russian-born mother in 2010 and had initially feared the religion might derail her dream of dancing.

“I think that’s what may have stopped some other Muslims from following a career they want, but I know what I’m doing is right and I’m going to keep doing it,” she told the Sydney Morning herald when asked whether she thought Islam forbade dancing.

Kurlow hopes to turn her dream into reality by raising $10,000 to train full-time at ballet school. She also hopes to become certified to open her own performing arts school in Sydney.

“Dancing is like flying for me. It makes me feel free,” Kurlow told the Daily News website.

Al Arabyia, 07/02/2016