Who We Are

Ingrid Stellmacher – Founder & CEO
Ingrid at UNIngrid’s energy and insight for unravelling complex issues and getting to the heart of a story served her well during her 25 years in journalism, TV and film. Her desire to move from commenting on conflict to actively seeking to help transform the way the world engages with it, led Ingrid to redirect her communication skills into the world of international conflict resolution. In 2005 she co-founded the International Commission of Peace - an organisation dedicated to the development of peace through conflict resolution training and good governance.   
Ingrid is creator of the Mary Initiative, a unique approach to faith based relations in 2007 and the Dignity Diaries, launched at the United Nations in 2014. Her belief that people should have the power to determine their own lives and the importance of business as an engine for peace also expresses itself through her involvement in Montage Initiative, a US based non-profit, creating sustainable livelihoods for women in India, and IDE UK.  A social enterprise going beyond aid to create income and livelihoods for the rural poor. Operational in 11 countries for over 30 years, iDE focuses on food and water management and security.  Ingrid is a trained mediator, RAN practioner in counter narratives and adviser to a number of international NGO’s.    


David Sanderson  MBE DL
David is a passionate explorer of people and places, driven by the desire to see the positive potential of individuals fulfilled and natural environments preserved. After being awarded Deputy Lieutenant in 2004 for outstanding services to the country, his love of Africa led him in 2008 to found Action Africa in Namibia, an organisation focusing on capacity building and leadership skills in African communities.

David holds a number of posts including CEO of the Rank Foundation, focusing on a broad range of projects concerning social disadvantage and need in the UK.  He is Trustee and founder member of the Community Foundation for Lancashire and member of the UK Foundations Forum, representing the UK’s 50 largest grant making bodies as well as Trustee of the Arthur Rank Centre, representing the rural church as part of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. 

Alan Murdie
Alan’s deeply held belief that justice be available to all, led him to become an independent lawyer in the advocacy sector. A barrister with the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, an organisation created to combat poverty, educational underachievement and social injustice, Alan is regularly involved in working to influence government policymakers, assist those finding themselves in difficult legal circumstances and appearing on the Human Rights TV channel.  Alan is also Director of McKenzie Friends and adviser to a number of non-governmental organisations on matters of law and policy and has written a number of books on Poll Tax and the law.            

Joanne Watkins
Joanne’s courageous community spirit motivated her to serve as Family Services and Disaster Officer for a number of years with the American Red Cross.  Involved in numerous local and national operations, including Hurricane Katrina, Joanne also served as Disaster Action Team Leader at Ground Zero during 9/ll and as a former Programme Development officer delivering programmes on International Humanitarian Law. As Founder and President of Raven Pictures, a successful US film distribution and music publishing company, Joanne combined her creative and business skills to focus on the Non-profit sector, by founding and becoming CEO of Montage Initiative in 2009, an organisation working to create sustainable livelihoods  for women in the developing world.  

Charlotte Latham
Charlotte is a marketing and communications strategy specialist from the pharmecutical sector who worked closely with healthcare professionals and government institutions. Bringing her energy and uniqe perspective of creativity and clarity to marketing, Charlotte has for a number years been donating her time and expertise to a number of charity and non-profit organisations before making the transition full time to the third sector. 

Caroline Jaine - Advisor/Associate
Caroline’s fascination with how the world communicates across cultures reveals itself through her photography and portraiture. As a former diplomat posted in conflict zones around the world she bore witness to the life she encountered in conflict zones around the world. An accomplished artist, writer and ‘digital raconteur’, Caroline spent 15 years at the Foreign Office developing a professionalism in strategic communication – her remits included Sri Lanka, Iraq and Pakistan. In 2008 Caroline founded a conflict communications non-profit.  She is also co-creator of CAST, a unique cross cultural training organisation, and Askance, a Cambridge based publishing house.  She is a regular contributor to Diplomat Magazine, Dawn Newspaper and the World Bank website and author of “Better Basra”, a book about her time in Iraq.  Caroline’s reaction to the injustices around her manifests itself through a number of advisory roles she undertakes and the personal projects she creates.

Fr Edmund Duffy - Advisor   
Providing practical, caring and spiritual support to those around him as an ordained Marist priest, Edmund packed up his skills and great sense of humour, for the island of Oceania in South Asia, where he tirelessly served the community for almost 50 years as a missionary. Since returning to London and the famous French Marist church, Notre Dame de France off Leicester Square, Edmund has continued his commitment to serve by working with the church’s local French speaking community and at Notre Dame’s dedicated centre for refugees.