Women In peace building & The Decision Making Process.

Le Menach Foundation supports women in peace building, including conflict resolution, and engaging in the political process, through a range of international programmes. 

Enabled by building on existing skills while learning new ones, we help empower women to make contributions in areas they may have previously found it difficult to engage with due to lack of expertise or experience; effectively excluding them from important decision making processes.

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We support the involvement of women, not only as agents of change in civil society and the political process, but as agents of choice for the expaned possibilities they bring. Women are proven economic drivers of growth and a wealth of fiscal and narrative evidence exists on the positive impact that women have on their environment when they are allowed equal access, participation and education in all areas of life. Proving that investing in the enablement of women is a solid and stable social and economic investment in future growth.

Our approach is a non prescriptive, collaborative two-way process. We respond to the needs of those we work with through the sharing of experience, expertise and insight.  You inform us while we are informing you. Everyone learns, benefits and grows.

Programmes cover a range of areas, and can be taken as individual workshops or as integrated components of a wider, programme.